Introduction and Review of Open Basketball Program Held in Each Gym

About This Web Site
This web site provides the information for the people who want to play basketball in Tokyo. The main content is the reviews of open basketball programs held some gyms in Tokyo.

What Is “Open Basketball Program"?
I’m not sure about “個人利用(Kojin Riyo)" or “一般開放(Ippan Kaiho)" in English, but I will use “Open (Basketball) Program" to explain the word. Some public gyms hold open program. You can join the program if you pay around 300 yen. There is no need to worry even if you are alone, an instructor helps you to make an team to participate in match up games (It is better you can understand Japanese, though).

Review of Gyms
Himonya(Meguro-ku) Sat. 18-21:00
In Himonya Gym, two courts are used but many people participate. At the first, free shooting time is from 18:00 to 18:30. And then, layup shooting and 3-on-2 game are held as warm-up. After that, pickup games are held. You can organize your team for the pickup game by yourself. If you cannot organize your team, instructors help you to organize your team by picking up participants together. The skill levels of the participants vary but there are not so many beginners. The teams waiting for the game are assigned as referee and time keeper.

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